Impress Your Better Half Using Your Cooking Expertise Through Marley Spoon

Have we ever considered how our wives try to bring the comfort in our lives while giving up on theirs?? I think very few husbands think about that as we take our wives as for being by our sides no matter how hard and more work they already do. My wife who is a graphic designer in a reputable firm, has to work as hard as I do. After coming home she has to complete the household chores as well which definitely entitle her for an award. Last week I promised myself that on every alternate weekend I’ll treat her with the blissful treat by cooking myself at home. For this I had Marley Spoon promo codes to help me out and believe me they did.

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I remember when I was not well due to cholera, Anna used to cook everything on hand for the whole day and then leave for the work. She took care of my health in every possible way and this pampering was showing off little bit in the form of belly which was somewhat trying to show its signs.

Her cooking was as perfect as her professional work. She every time used to tell me about the hefty offers she loved availing at Marley Spoon. Her conversation had so much love for the store which gave me an idea to look out for what exactly they had to offer me for surprising my wife.

Anna was right when she talked all good about the store. The offers, promotions and the stocked items looked quite fresh and up to the mark which every healthy eaters look out for….

I ordered the ingredients for making breakfast and even for the supper which took me a lot of time to decide that what exactly I wanted to cook. But the recipe cards which were available at the online store solved this problem of mine.

I got the recipe card selection of pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, toast, beans, hash brown and oranges for breakfast while supper’s menu had steak, mashed potatoes and best wine. The food menu looked so tempting that I was sure that I’ll have a lot of fun making all these things as well.

The ordered items were sent to the address of my neighbor Aron, as I didn’t want to give any hint to Anna that what my plan exactly was.I received the boxes of my needs later when I came back from work and left that in the garage and forgot about the box until I woke up in the morning on the sound of my alarm.

It was 7am and Anna’s alarm today will go off at 9am so I had plenty of time to cook.When I came to the kitchen and didn’t find the ingredients it clicked my mind that I left them in the garage. I ran towards the garage with the fear that everything must have got ruined. When I started opening the box, to my surprise everything was as fresh as they have been picked up from the farm. The sealed packing made sure that the ingredients stay fresh with the chilled box facility.

I was quite impressed with the store and how it takes care of the health of their customers. After bringing the stuff in the kitchen, I started cooking and the directions given in the recipe card made my work hell lot easy.


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